We are the Immersive Visualization & Interaction Lab (or IVI Lab for short), which is part of the Georgia Tech Visualization Lab (GTVis Lab).

At IVI Lab, we are passionate about the ever-evolving landscape of display and interaction technologies. With VR/AR becomes increasingly popular, we envision a future where these technologies seamlessly integrate into both personal and business domains. To contribute this exciting future, we study how to harness the full potential of VR/AR to enhance existing workflows and to unlock new experiences that were once unimaginable with conventional computing devices.

Our research is centered around two core themes: 1) designing and building novel visualization and interaction techniques in VR/AR; and 2) investigating human factors in using interactive systems in VR/AR.

Prospective Students
First, take a look at the videos on this page, and if you found the videos listed on this page interesting and want to design, implement and evaluate your own interactive systems, here is your opportunity!

I have several Ph.D. positions for self-motivated students. The ideal candidates should be passionate about VIS/VR/AR/HCI research and have solid programming skills, particularly in Unity3D/d3js/WebXR or similar platforms. Experience in quantitative and qualitative UX research is a plus.

If you consider yourself a good fit, please do not hesitate to reach out. Before sending me an email, to facilitate more efficient and focused communication, I strongly recommend you fill in this Expression of Interest form so I can have a more systematic understanding of you.

I also host visiting researchers and students who share aligned research interests.

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