CHI 2024

Evaluating Navigation and Comparison Performance of Computational Notebooks on Desktop and in Virtual Reality

Sungwon In, Eric Krokos, Kirsten Whitley, Chris North, Yalong Yang

TVCG 2023

This is the Table I Want! Interactive Data Transformation on Desktop and in Virtual Reality

Sungwon In, Tica Lin, Chris North, Hanspeter Pfister, Yalong Yang

ISMAR 2023

Multi-Focus Querying of the Human Genome Information on Desktop and in Virtual Reality: an Evaluation

Gunnar Reiske, Sungwon In, Yalong Yang

VIS 2023

RL-LABEL: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach Intended for AR Label Placement in Dynamic Scenarios

Zhutian Chen, Daniele Chiappalupi, Tica Lin, Yalong Yang, Johanna Beyer, Hanspeter Pfister

VR 2023

Towards an Understanding of Distributed Asymmetric Collaborative Visualization on Problem-solving

Wai Tong, Meng Xia, Kam Kwai Wong, Doug A. Bowman, Ting-Chuen Pong, Huamin Qu, Yalong Yang

Invited to be presented at IEEE VIS 2023.

InfoVis Journal 2023

Is Embodied Interaction Beneficial? A Study on Navigating Network Visualizations

Helen H. Huang, Hanspeter Pfister, Yalong Yang

CG&A 2022

The Ball is in Our Court: Conducting Visualization Research with Sports Experts

Tica Lin, Zhutian Chen, Johanna Beyer, Yingcai Wu, Hanspeter Pfister, Yalong Yang

VIS 2022

Best Paper Honorable Mention

The Quest for Omnioculars: Embedded Visualization for Augmenting Basketball Game Viewing Experiences

Tica Lin, Zhutian Chen, Yalong Yang, Daniele Chiappalupi, Johanna Beyer, Hanspeter Pfister

CHI 2022

The Pattern is in the Details: An Evaluation of Interaction Techniques for Locating, Searching, and Contextualizing Details in Multivariate Matrix Visualizations

Yalong Yang, Wenyu Xia, Fritz Lekschas, Carolina Nobre, Robert Krueger, Hanspeter Pfister

CHI 2022

GAN'SDA Wrap: Geographic And Network Structured Data on Surfaces that Wrap around

Kun-Ting Chen, Tim Dwyer, Yalong Yang, Benjamin Bach, Kim Marriott

Visual Informatics 2022

Metaverse: Perspectives from Graphics, Interactions and Visualization

Yuheng Zhao, Jinjing Jiang, Yi Chen, Richen Liu, Yalong Yang, Xiangyang Xue, Siming Chen

TVCG 2021

Labeling Out-of-View Objects in Immersive Analytics to Support Situated Visual Searching

Tica Lin, Yalong Yang, Johanna Beyer, Hanspeter Pfister

CG&A 2021

Visualization Design Sprints for Online and On-Campus Courses

Johanna Beyer, Yalong Yang, Hanspeter Pfister

CHI 2021

Best Paper Honorable Mention

Towards an Understanding of Situated AR Visualization for Basketball Free-Throw Training

Tica Lin, Rishi Singh, Yalong Yang, Carolina Nobre, Johanna Beyer, Maurice A. Smith, Hanspeter Pfister

CHI 2021

Grand Challenges in Immersive Analytics

Barrett Ens, Benjamin Bach, Maxime Cordeil, Ulrich Engelke, Marcos Serrano, Wesley Willett, Arnaud Prouzeau, Christoph Anthes, Wolfgang Büschel, Cody Dunne, Tim Dwyer, Jens Grubert, Jason H. Haga, Nurit Kirshenbaum, Dylan Kobayashi, Tica Lin, Monsurat Olaosebikan, Fabian Pointecker, David Saffo, Nazmus Saquib, Dieter Schmalstieg, Danielle Albers Szafir, Matthew Whitlock, Yalong Yang

CGF 2021

Visualizing and Interacting with Geospatial Networks: A Survey and Design Space

Sarah Schöttler, Yalong Yang, Hanspeter Pfister, Benjamin Bach

VIS 2020

Embodied Navigation in Immersive Abstract Data Visualization: Is Overview+Detail or Zooming Better for 3D Scatterplots?

Yalong Yang, Maxime Cordeil, Johanna Beyer, Tim Dwyer, Kim Marriott, Hanspeter Pfister

VIS 2020

Scalability of Network Visualisation from a Cognitive Load Perspective

Vahan Yoghourdjian, Yalong Yang, Tim Dwyer, Lee Lawrence, Michael Wybrow, Kim Marriott

TVCG 2020

Tilt Map: Interactive Transitions Between Choropleth Map, Prism Map and Bar Chart in Immersive Environments

Yalong Yang, Tim Dwyer, Kim Marriott, Bernhard Jenny, Sarah Goodwin

CHI 2020

Tactile presentation of network data: Text, matrix or diagram?

Yalong Yang, Kim Marriott, Matthew Butler, Cagatay Goncu, Leona Holloway

VIS 2019

Interactive Visualisation of Hierarchical Quantitative Data: An Evaluation

Linda Woodburn, Yalong Yang, Kim Marriott

Prototype has been tested with Google Chrome web browser.

PacificVis 2019

What-Why Analysis of Expert Interviews: Analysing Geographically-Embedded Flow Data

Yalong Yang, Sarah Goodwin

Note: Icons in the figure derived from Visualization Analysis and Design under CC BY-4.0 Licence.

PhD Thesis - 2019 Jan

Visualising Geographically-Embedded Origin-Destination Flows: in 2D and immersive environments

Yalong Yang

VIS 2018

Origin-Destination Flow Maps in Immersive Environments

Yalong Yang, Tim Dwyer, Bernhard Jenny, Kim Marriott, Maxime Cordeil, Haohui (Caron) Chen

EuroVis 2018

Maps and Globes in Virtual Reality

Yalong Yang, Bernhard Jenny, Tim Dwyer, Kim Marriott, Haohui (Caron) Chen, Maxime Cordeil

VIS 2016

Best Paper Honorable Mention

Many-to-Many Geographically-Embedded Flow Visualisation: An Evaluation

Yalong Yang, Tim Dwyer, Sarah Goodwin, Kim Marriott


Continuous ultrasound based tongue movement video synthesis from speech

Jianrong Wang, Yalong Yang, Jianguo Wei, Ju Zhang

Journal of Big Data, Springer

Cabinet Tree: an orthogonal enclosure approach to visualizing and exploring big data

Yalong Yang, Kang Zhang, Jianrong Wang, Quang Vinh Nguyen

ACM SAC 2014

Visualizing large hierarchies with drawer trees

Yalong Yang, Ning Dou, Shuai Zhao, Zhichao Yang, Kang Zhang, Quang Vinh Nguyen